Nápověda Studijního informačního systému (KOS)
Examination terms - Delete
This page alows aborting the current term and pre-registration registered students to another term.
Displayed informations:
  Semestr - Code and name of term
  Teachers name - Surname and name of a tutor
  Subject - Code and name of subject
  Date - Date of exam
  Date - Date of exam
  Begining - Time of exam begining
  End - Time of exam end
  Place - Place of happening of exam (door number)
  Parallel - Number of parallel for which term is intended
  Deadline (total) - Last date for student to register or cancel registration to the term
  Capacity - Maximal number of students on exams term
  Occupied - Count of registered students on this term.
  Examiner - Forname and lastname of examiner.
  Note - Note
  Ret. t. - Retake term
  List of registered students - List of registered students.

Akce :
  Cancel - Delete the term without moving students to the another term.
  Move - Delete the term and move students to the another term.
  Back - Back to examination terms page
  Help - This help.
  Logout - Logout from system.
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