Nápověda Studijního informačního systému (KOS)
This page allows registration to the term as supplement.

Displayed information :
  Semestr - Choosing of term, for whitch examination terms will be displayed
  Subject - List of subjects for choosed term - teacher must be subjects examiner
  Student - Jméno uživatele.
  Year - Year.
  Gruop - Group.
  Reg. - Status of registeration to the term.
  Date - Date of exam
  Time - Time of exam begining
  Place - Place of happening of exam (door number)
  Code - Subject code.
  Name - Subject name.
  Remaining places - Free of capacity.
  Supply - Status info when the supplements for the term are allowed.
  Supplements - Count of supplements registered to the term.
  Examiner - Forname and lastname of examiner
  Note - Note about the term.
  Deadline - Date to which student can register to or unregister from exam
  Count of days - Minimal days distance, for fully registration to the term before exam act.
  Credit required - Select, if Credit is required for taking the exam

Actions :
  Register - Registration to the term with supplement role.
  Cancel - Back to previous page.
  Help - This help.
  Logout - Logout from system.
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