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Diplama thesis data
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Displayed informations:
  Student - User name
  Year - Year of study
  Group - Students group

  Title of VŠKP - Title of Theoretical Thesis.
  Translation of the VŠKP title - Title in the other Language.
  Author of VŠKP - Author name.
  Abstract VŠKP - Abstract VŠKP
  Translation of the abstract - Abstract in the other Language.
  Supervisor of VŠKP - Supervisor of VŠKP
  Opponents - The List of selected Opponents.
  Date of creation / submitting of VŠKP for defense - Date of creation / submitting VŠKP
  Format of submitted VŠKP - Select the distribution format
  Language of VŠKP - Select the language of the VŠKP.
  Type of VŠKP - Information about the VŠKP

  Save - Save the changes
  Reset - Reste fields to previous values
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