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One-of event
This page displays one-of events for students.
Displayed informations:
  Student - User name
  Year - Year of study
  Group - Students group
  Reg. - Indicates, if student is registered for event
  Date - Date of happening of event.
  Time - Time of beginning of event
  Name - Name of event
  Place - Place of happening of event
  Deadline - Date of deadline of event - date to whitch student can register to or unregister from action.
  Remaining places - Number of remaining places on event
  Guarantor - Surname and name of guarantor of event
  Sem. - Term code
  Subj. - Subject code
  Note - Note

Akctions :
  Register - Přihlášení na jednorázovou akci. Displayed on events student is not registered to
  Log off - Unregister from action. Displayed on events student is registered to
  Author. - Name (login), date and time of record creation
  Help - This help
  Logout - Logout from system
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