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Personal data
This page shows personal data of student. If Permanent adress (last) and Permanent adress (verified) aren't matching, or both are missing, recomendation of visiting of Studijné oddělení is displazed.
Displazed informations :
  Surname - Users surname
  Name - Users name
  Original surname - Original surname
  Title - Title
  Birth number - Birth number of the user
  Account number - Users account number
  Bank code - Code of users bank
  Study programme - Study programme of the user
  Type of programme - Type of programme
  Continuing - Indication, if study is continuing
  Form of study - Form of study.
  Obor - Obor uživatele.
  Specialization - Users specialization
  Year - Year of study
  Group - Students group
  Permanent adress (last) - Last given permanent adreess
  Contact adress - Users contact adress
  Permanent adress (verified) - Permanent adress verified by Studijné oddělení [EN]

Actions :
  Change account params. - Changing of account
  Change adress params - Changing of adress
  Help - This help
  Logout - Logout from system
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