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Subject detail
This page contain description of texts for subjects.
  Subject code - Displayed subject code
  Subject name CZ - Subjects name in czech
  Subject name - Subjects name in english
  Tutorial semester - Tutorial semester
  Note - Note for subject
  Tutor - Surname and name of tutor
  Way of finishing - Displayed way of finishing
  Number of credits - Displayed number of credits for finished subjects
  Range - Displayed range of subject
  Synopsi for subject - Synopsi for subject
  Goals of study - Goals of study
  Prerequisites - Prerequisites
  Osnova (a sylabus) - Outline
  Outline and Syllabus - Outline and Syllabus
  Source Materials - Source Materials
  Keywords - Keywords write seprated by commas.

  Help - This help
  Logout - Logout from system.
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