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Enrolled subjects
This page shows enrolled subjects of logged student. Check is needed to succesfully enroll subjects and enter the timetable.
Choosing :
  Semestr - Choosing of term, for whitch the subjects will be shown.

Displayed informations :
  Student - Users name.
  Year - Year of study.
  Group - Students group
  Code - Code of subject/modul
  Neme - Name of subject/modul.
  Role - Abbrev of subjects/moduls role in study plan.
  Credits - Number of credits for subject/modul.
  Ending - Method of ending of subject.
  Number of entered subjects - Number of entered subjects/moduls.
  Entered credits from study plan - Sum of credits for all entered subjects and moduls.
  Entered credits from study plan - Sum of credits for study plan subjects and moduls
  Minimum of registered credits - Obligatory minimum of credits.
  Enrollment approved - Indication, if subject enrollment was checked.
  Study plan code - Code of study plan of logged student.
  Name of studying plan - Name of studying plan of logged student.
  Minimal number of credits for meeting
the criteria of study plan
- Minimal number of credits for succesfully completing studying plan.
  Check date - Date of last check.
  Check Time - Time of last check.
  Enter the timetable - Indicates, if access to schedule is permited.
  Record check result - Result of last check

Actions :
  Cancel - Cancel enrolled subject.
  Author. - Name (login), date and time of creation of this record.
  Check - Check of enrolled subjects.
Checks if conditions of entering next term has been achieved(Earned credits for 2 last terms etc.). Successfull check means opening of access to timetable for students of faculties that use personal timetables in this system.
  Help - This help.
  Logout - Logout from system
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