Study information system (KOS) - Help
Enrollment for any suject according to offer
This page allows you to enroll for any subject in the subject list.
  Semester - Choosing of term, for whitch the subjects will be shown.
  Department - Choosing of department.

Displayed informations:
  Student - User name
  Year - Year of study
  Group - Students group
  Semestr - Recommended term for subject. If not found, text field appears for entering semester code manually.
  Code - Subjects code.
  Name - Subjects name
  Role - Abbrev of subjects role in study plan
  Credits - Number of credits for subject
  Completition - Method of subjects ending
  Range - Range of subject

  Select subjects - Displays list of subjects according to selected criteria
  Enter - Enrolling for selected subjects
  Cancel - Clears subject selection
  Help - This help
  Logout - Logout from system
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