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List of examination results
Page displays examination results of all student for selected subject
  Semester - Choosing of term, for whitch subjects will be displayed
  Subject - List of subjects in choosed term - teacher must be examiner
  View only students from own lecture parallels - Display only students from teacher parallels
  View only students with inclomplete exams - Display only students, that doesn't have grade from subject or theirs grade is "4"

Displayed informations:
  Teachers name - Surname and name of teacher
  Surname - Student's surname
  Name - Student's name
  Faculty - Student's faculty
  1st Term Grade - Result of 1st term
  1st Term Date - Date of 1st exam
  2nd Term Grade - Result of 2nd term
  2nd Term Date - Date of 2nd exam
  3rd Term Grade - Result of 3rd term
  3rd Term Date - Date of 3rd exam
  Examiner - Surname and name of examiner, who classified the exam

  Select students - Display list of students according selected values
  Author. - Name (login), date and time of record creation
  Email - Send email to students
  Print - Print displayed informations
  Help - This help.
  Logout - Logout from system.
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