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One-off event assessment.
This page allows to assess one-of event.
  Event - List of one-of events (date beginning end name)

Displayed informations:
  Tutor's name - Surname and name of tutor
  Semester - Code of semester.
  Subject - Code and name of subject
  Note - Note
  Surname - Student's surname
  Name - Student's name
  Faculty - Student's faculty
  Year - Year of students study
  Group - Students group
  Note - Note

  Student's surname - First letters (at least 2) of surmane of student, that is to be added to event
  Note - Text of note to be written to student

  Author. - Name (login), date and time of creation of record
  Invert selection - Inverts selection of students
  Search - Search students by surname
  Entry of credit - Enter credit from events subject to choosed students
  Email - Send email to students
  Print - Print this page
  Help - This help
  Logout - Logout from system.
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