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One-of events
Page displays posted one-of events.
  Displayed events - Way of displaying events. Only my actual events, actual event other lectors, my history or history of other lectors will be displayed

Displayed informations :
  Tutors name - Surname and name of tutor
  Date - Date of happening of event
  Beginning - Time of beginning of one-of event
  End - Time of ending of one-of event
  Name - Name of event
  Place - Place of happening of one-of event
  Deadline - Date to which is possible to register to or unregister from event
  Capacity - Number of students, that can be registered to event
  Occ. - Number of students already registered to event
  Additional. - Additional enrolling for subject allowed on event
  Guarantor - Surname and name of guarantor of one-of event
  Semester - Code of semester, in which event is happening
  Subject - Code of subject, for which event is happening
  Study of qualification - Study of qualification this event is for.
  Note - Note

Actions :
  Edit - Edit existing one-of event
  Cancel - Cancel existing event
  Add new one-off event - Open the form for adding one-off event
  Help - This help
  Logout - Logout from system.
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