Study information system (KOS) - Help
List of students according to term
Page displays list of students registered to choosed exam term
Choosing :
  Semestr - Choosing of term, for which subjects will be displayed
  Subject - List of subjects for selected term - teacher must be examiner or "neuveden" [EN].
  Term - List of exam terms for choosed subject (date time place)

Displayed informations :
  Surname - Student's surname.
  Name/td> - Student's name
  Faculty - Student's faculty
  Year - Year of study of student
  Group - Student's group
  Credit - Indication, if student have a Credit
  Date of prev ex. - Date of students previous exam from this subjct
  Grade from prev. exam - Grade from previous exam
  Failed Exams - Number of failed exams
  Note - Note

  Select students - Display list of students according to choosed values
  Author. - Name (login), date and time of record creation
  Email - Send email to students
  Help - This help.
  Logout - Logout from system.
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