Study information system (KOS) - Help
Classification history
Page displays results history.
Choosing :
  Subject - Choosing of subject, results will be displayed for

Selection :
  Semesters - Selection of semesters, results will be displayed for
  Display only mine credits or grades - Displays only students graded or credited by logged user

Displayed informations :
  Tutor's name: - User name
  Semester - Semester for which the list of students is displayed
  Student - Students name
  Finished - Shows, if student successfully finished subject
  Credit - Informations about existence of subject
  Date of credit - Date of credit
  Credited by - Name of crediting teacher
  Grade - Grade
  Date of grade - Date of grade
  Graded by - Name of grading teacher
  No. of tries - Number of tries on which student got a grade
  Author - Author of record
  Subjects code - Code of subject in displayed semester
  Means of finishing - Means of finishing of subject in displayed semester
  No of credited - Number of succesfully credited students
  No of uncredited - Number of uncredited students
  Number of grades per semester - Number of grades per semester

Actions :
  Choose list - Displays list of students according to selected semesters and subjects
  Graphs - Rolls down to graphs
  Help - This help.
  Logout - Logout from system
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